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Re: [linux-lvm] Is it possible to bypass LVM and mount contained partition directly?

On Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 05:45, Ray Morris <support bettercgi com> wrote:
>  In general, no, though in your specific case it may be
> that all of the extents are stored contigously and it might
> work. You would probably need to use losetup -o and specify
> the offset.  This would be more of a last ditch data recovery
> effort than something you'd design into a production system,
> though.

Alright, was hoping for a life saver here but it doesn't sound like
it's this way and you're right it doesn't sound production worthy.

>  You might have better results altering one of these issues
> that is causing you to consider such action:
>>  I can't import the pv/vg because they have the same name/uuid
>> as the existing VG (it's really the same system) and I can't change
>> them with something like vgimportclone because the backed up vm image
>> files are read-only.
>  In other words, you would back up to one of the following questions:
> How can I change the names and UUIDs of the backups?
> How can I import an LV which has a conflicting UUID?
> How can I use vgimport with a read only source?
>  Specifically, you might be able to ignore the meta data on
> the backup volumes with pvmetadatacopies  = 0 and use "dirs"
> in lvm.conf, so you can change the working meta data even
> though they are read only.

Hmm, this sounds interesting I'll have to spend some time trying to
figure out how this might be possible.

Thanks for the ideas.


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