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Re: [linux-lvm] Why does every lvm command insist on touching every pv?

On 06/15/10 20:34, Phillip Susi wrote:
> On 06/15/2010 04:41 PM, Takahiro Yasui wrote:
>> As for accessing block devices, you can limit accesses to those
>> devices by filter option in lvm.conf. This is an example which
>> allows accesses only to /dev/sd*
>>      filter = [ "a|/dev/sd|", "r|.*|" ]
>> You can specify more strict rule like
>>      filter = [ "a|/dev/sd[a-z]|", "r|.*|" ]
> What if I don't want ANY devices to be scanned every time an lvm command
> is run?  Shouldn't they be scanned once when udev first detects they
> have been attached, and no more?  I thought removing /dev from the scan=
> line would do that, but it didn't.

I understand your requests and I have the same opinion as yours.
My suggestion of 'filter' option just reduces the number of
accesses to disks which are not related to PVs. Hopefully I would
like to find a good solution and fix for this issue.

I think that this kind of options are very helpful to give
increased priority to this issue among LVM community.


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