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Re: [linux-lvm] RAID chunk size & LVM 'offset' affecting RAID stripe alignment

On 2010-06-25 4:36 AM, Linda A. Walsh wrote:
> Doug Ledford wrote:
>> Correction: all reads benefit from larger chunks now a days.  The only
>> reason to use smaller chunks in the past was to try and get all of
>> your drives streaming data to you simultaneously, which effectively
>> made the total aggregate throughput of those reads equal to the
>> throughput of one data disk times the number of data disks in the
>> array.  With modern drives able to put out 100MB/s sustained by
>> themselves, we don't really need to do this any more, ....

> I would regard 100MB/s as moderately slow.  For files in my
> server cache, my Win7 machine reads @ 110MB/s over the network,

My understanding is Gigabit ethernet is only capable of topping out at
about 30MB/s, so, I'm curious what kind of network you have? 10GBe? Fiber?


Best regards,


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