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Re: [linux-lvm] My root filesystem based on LVM went down.

   I'm not sure what "can not nomally start today" means, what
is the error message?  If your question is "how can I make the
LV visible in rescue mode", see "man lvm".  Something like:

lvm pvscan # look to see if the PVs are there.
lvm vgscan # is the volume group detected?
lvm lvscan # are all of the volumes found OK?
lvm vgchange -ay # activate all VGs
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On 05/12/2010 07:21:21 AM, ouyangmaochun wrote:

My root filesystem is formated as ext3 which is a logical volume ,and it can not nomally start today,how can I fix this problem. I've tried boot into rescue mode(boot through cdrom) and run e2fsck to scan,but in rescue mode there is no logical volume ,what am I surpposed to do in such circumstances?


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