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[linux-lvm] Losing one of various PVs in VG

Hi all,
I am planning our new storage system.

I would like the ability to migrate LVs between the various RAID arrays we have.
This would require we have a PV per array and all PVs under the same VG.

Now I'm wondering what happens if we lose an array: all data on all arrays will be lost because the VG is lost?

I did spot one way to prevent this:

I could create one VG per PV, then just before the migration I would do vgmerge between the two VGs source and destination, then perform migration of the LV with pvmove, then wait for it to complete (by not sending it to background probably), then do vgsplit to return to initial condition.

It's quite complex and unconvenient though. Also if I forget to wait completion for pvmove and/or I forget to do vgsplit, and then one of the two array fails, I would probably lose data from both.

What do you suggest?

Thanks for your help

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