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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM mirror questions

Hi Petr,

Thanks for the reply.  "Should continue to work.." leaves me with some doubt.  My intent for a mirror is for a datastore that has reliability at the expense of space.   In addition, when a large datastore is rebooted, there would be a period of time when the data is being mirrored, which leaves a window of peril. After I migrate my data off of lvm and onto an md device, I will test lvm. 

Test #1 will be start a huge write operation on a mirror that consists of 2 mirrors and 1 log, all on seperate pvs.   While the write operation is happening, I will unplug the log drive and see if lvm switches in midstream to a memory log without loss.    

Test #2 will be to see if I can make lvm activate lvs or vgs in a certain order.   That way I could make the first 20 extents of every physical device part of a vg/lv that houses mirror logs.   These log lvs would be mirrored across all physical devices.   The log lvs would have memory logs, which would be ok since they will be so small.     The window of peril is reduced from hours to a few seconds. 

Anyways, thanks again for the answer!

Jason Harris

From: Petr Rockai <prockai redhat com>
To: LVM general discussion and development <linux-lvm redhat com>
Sent: Tue, October 5, 2010 1:02:55 AM
Subject: Re: [linux-lvm] LVM mirror questions

Jay <jrharris19 yahoo com> writes:
> What happens to an lvm mirror if the disk log is lost?

The mirror should continue to work with a core (memory) log.


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