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[linux-lvm] vgcreate fails with return value 5

I’m running into an odd problem in which vgcreate fails with a return value or exit code of 5.  It is called from a script that calls pvcreate twice to create two PVs, then immediately calls vgcreate to create the VG.


An exit code of 5 appears to indicate excessive numbers of VGs.  However, there are no other VGs on the system prior to this call to vgcreate.  Search engine results indicate the PV might be corrupt.  However, the PV was just created a few milliseconds before calling vgcreate.


When calling vgcreate immediately after calling pvcreate, is there a need to wait for some after-effects of the pvcreate to settle out?  Is there some command to positively determine whether the PV is actually ready and open for business?


Any other suggestions?


Thank you,


Robert Riches

Azad Consultant at Intel



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