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Re: [linux-lvm] vgcreate fails with return value 5

Riches Jr, RobertX M [robertx m riches jr intel com] wrote:
>    An exit code of 5 appears to indicate excessive numbers of VGs.  However,
>    there are no other VGs on the system prior to this call to vgcreate. 
>    Search engine results indicate the PV might be corrupt.  However, the PV
>    was just created a few milliseconds before calling vgcreate.
>    When calling vgcreate immediately after calling pvcreate, is there a need
>    to wait for some after-effects of the pvcreate to settle out?  Is there
>    some command to positively determine whether the PV is actually ready and
>    open for business?

I am not aware of any such issue, but you can run "pvs" and find out if
your newly created PV is listed in the output.

>    Any other suggestions?

If you can create a test script that creates two PV's out of two loop
mounted temporary files and re-create your bug, then someone in the
dm-devel forum would surely help.

Thanks, Malahal.

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