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Re: [linux-lvm] Determine boot disk device name...


2010/10/25 Malahal Naineni <malahal us ibm com>
Alexander Skwar [alexanders mailinglists+nospam gmail com] wrote:
>    I also wanted to suggest this, but…
>    benutzer horst:~$ cat /proc/cmdline
>    root=/dev/xvda1 ro

I got confused with boot and root! Thanks for correction. Usually boot
disk is mounted at /boot. Your boot disk could be same as root disk (in
this case there would not be anything mounted at /boot but just a

Well, but even the location of the /boot directory/partition doesn't
necessarily tell, from where someone booted - suppose, you've got
a boot disk /dev/sda. On /dev/sda, there's grub. Grub's setup so,
that it boots a system/kernel, which is on /dev/sdb. The system
is "self contained" on /dev/sdb.

In such a case, the system would've been booted from /dev/sda,
but there's no way to tell that, once the "/dev/sdb system" has
been started - or is there?
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