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Re: [linux-lvm] Unable to mount LVM partition - table too small

On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 08:39:27AM -0700, Adam NEWHAM wrote:
Thanks for looking into this. Here is the requested info, but I think something might be up with the array. I've captured additional info - I also have a screen capture from the Disk Utility but I will probably have to send that in a private email as it requires an attachment.
Here is what comes from mdmadm --examine --scan

ARRAY /dev/md0 level=raid5 num-devices=4 UUID=b5e0fcd0:cfadbb04:a5b6f22e:457f47ae
ARRAY /dev/md0 level=raid5 num-devices=4 UUID=08558923:881d9efd:464c249d:988d2ec6

can you please show the output of mdadm --examine --scan --verbose

and to be sure:
mdadm --examine --verbose /dev/sd[abcd] /dev/sd[abcd]1

i am starting to believe your array was originally composed of
partitions contained in /dev/sda, sdb, sdc, sdd

now md saw a complete array on the whole devices, and created a
partitioned /dev/md0 reading the partition table on the first drive

so the array size is ~2.7T but the md0p1 partition is ~.9T

lvm failure:
kernel: [  553.685856] device-mapper: table: 252:0: md0p1 too small for target: start=384, len=5860556800, dev_size=1953520002
means just this (you tried to activate a logical volume starting at
sector 384, sized 5860556800 sectors (~2.7T) but the device is only
1953520002 sectors (~.9T)

this is consistent with the proc partitions you posted in the first
8 0 976762584 sda
8 1 976760001 sda1
8 16 976762584 sdb
8 17 976760001 sdb1
8 32 976762584 sdc
8 33 976760001 sdc1
8 48 976762584 sdd
8 49 976760001 sdd1
8 64 58605120 sde
8 65 56165376 sde1
8 66 1 sde2
8 69 2437120 sde5
9 0 2930287488 md0
259 0 976760001 md0p1
if we find valid md metadata on the partitions we can create a
mdadm.conf with
DEVICE /dev/sd[abcd]1

which will ignore the whole drive


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