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Re: [linux-lvm] How to fix missmatch between VG-size and LV-size?

----- Original Message ----- From: "Georges Giralt" <georges giralt free fr>
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Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2011 9:19 PM
Subject: Re: [linux-lvm] How to fix missmatch between VG-size and LV-size?

Le 31/03/2011 17:06, Fredrik Skog a écrit :

If I ever get all this data back I will definitely try to either RAID
it or make a backup of the most importatnt stuff on the volume.

I have now run e2fsck -n -t -v /dev/vgftp/lvftp successfully. It gave
me the following output. I'm not really sure what it means, but I
think it looks pretty ok. Do you think it's ok to do this for real now?

# e2fsck -n -t -v /dev/vgftp/lvftp
/dev/vgftp/lvftp: ********** WARNING: Filesystem still has errors **********
I will try to copy the most important stuff off of the volume before i
try this though.
Hello Fredrik
You used "-n" option  in the e2fsck command. So  the "WARNING:
Filesystem still has errors" tell all.
You SHOULD run e2fsck without the -n option BEFORE trying to mount it
and back up data or trying to resize it !
Otherwise..... you could well loose all the data !
Just my 2¢ .....
BTW : it is strange that all multiply allocated blocks are found to
belong only to one file. What was the system doing during the resize ?
What was the file system activity during that time ? And las t but not
least, you once told us that before running the resize, you ran the
fsck. Was it with -n option also ?  This may explain all the subsequent

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Sorry I did not tell you that i used the -n option now just to avoid any changes to the filesystem before i have copied my most important data from the volume. I only wanted to see what kind errors i got. I'm in the process of copying some stuff right now and will try to e2fsck it later when that is done.

I did not use the -n option before the resize2fs earlier.
I have X'd out the filenames in the mail. The errors all where on different files.

Sorry for not being clear on this.

/Fredrik Skog

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