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Re: [linux-lvm] Snapshots and disk re-use

On 05/04/2011 23:19, Jonathan Tripathy wrote:
Excellent point! As long as I use the same PEs for making the snapshot everytime, I don't need to ever erase it (And it can be a nice big size like 50GB, so even my largest customers won't outgrow the snapshot). However though, wouldn't I need to keep the "hog" around just to make sure that the snapshot PEs don't get assigned to a new customer LV in the future (Currently, we don't specify PEs to use when creating normal LVs)?

I think you missed the point of why I suggested using a separate PV, the space could be divided using fdisk it does not have to separate physical disk (This is ok as you will never use this space for mirroring). If snapshots are created on a separate PV you can use pvchange - x n and pvchange -x y to change if it is allocatable and only when you are creating snaps do you make in allocatable that will prevent accidental reuse in customer lvs without lots of hassle. If you don't use pvchange you will need to specify the PVs when ever you create a customer LV.

# an lvcreate with specifing the PEs to use.
lvcreate -l 20 -s -n data_snap /dev/test_vg/data_lv /dev/cciss/c0d1p2

Also this allows you to use 50 GB area or 4 x 10 GB ones, depending on what you are backing up without having to worry about creating a hog over the top of anything you haven't used. This allows you more flexibility with simultaneous backups.

An even better question: Does the snapshot have to be on the same physical disk as the LV its mirroring?

No it does not.

Do I get cake now?


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