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Re: [linux-lvm] Snapshots and disk re-use

On 06/04/2011 00:00, Jonathan Tripathy wrote:
Ok now things are really getting interesting!

Actually, when I create new customer LVs, I always specify which volume group I want to add it to. E.g:

lvcreate -nNewCustomerLV -L20G vg0

Sadly that is just normal... However a volume group could be made up of more than one disk, you can with an option specify which of the disks (pv) to use. Rather than the system select for you.

where vg0 is /dev/vg0
and vg0 is a volume group which uses an entire physical partition (Which I guess is called a PV).

That is a vg (volume group) not a pv (physical volume).

vgdisplay -v
pvdisplay --map

and you should get the idea.

Now, if I were to create my snapshots on a seperate vg, eg:

lvcreate -L 20G -s -n data_snap /dev/vg0/NewCustomerLV /dev/vg1

does that mean I never need to use pvchange to "switch off" vg1? And I never need to zero or create a "hog"? And no leakage will ever occur?

No you are confused pvs are created on disk partitions, one or more pvs then make you vg.

LVs are created on top of VGs, VGs are created on top of PVs, PVs are created on partitions on block devices or whole block devices.

(Ok we shall stop here however blocks devices could be loop back, meta devices like raid 0/1/5 etc hardware/software or real disks however that is not LVM any more.)

Do I get cake now?
Only if it's not a lie.... :)

I saw the cake but I got none (Portal)


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