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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM corruption/diagnosis

Hi Radu,

Thanks for your response.

> Now the only question that's left to be answered is why the heck a
> windows xp guest (yes, my guest machines are windows xp too) would crash
> (or not even boot) when there is some particular data left in the
> *unallocated* filesystem blocks. But since I have a "certain" opinion
> about microsoft and their products, I just think that life is too short
> to bother yourself with this kind of crap.

That is indeed a good question and the reason why I initially didn't
pursue this track. I wouldn't be surprised if this would indeed be a
"feature" of Windows XP/Microsoft. Another question would be why a)
Windows XP would hang itself up beyond repair after having run for half
a year just fine as well as leaving it's disc space in a unusable state.
After all making image backups of Windows machines and restoring them to
known states is a well tried method.

> I hope this helps you debug the issue you had. It would also be
> interesting if you could try to zero the *original* LVM volume (the one
> that didn't work) and then restore the image once again and see if it
> works. It would prove (or disprove) my theory :)

I'll do just that in the next few days and will report back.

best regards,

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