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[linux-lvm] LVM over iSCSI considerations

Hi Everyone,

I am consider such a setup where I export an iSCSI target to a Xen node. This Xen node will then use the iSSCSI block device as an LVM PV, and create lots of LVs for DomU (Xen VM) use.

I was wondering if anyone could make me aware of any special consideration I would need to take.

- What happens if the iSCSI target vanishes during use? How graceful is recovery and what would I need to do - If the above were to happen, would any data be lost? By "data being lost", I'm takingwith regards to theLVM over iSCSI setup. Of course there is the possibility of data corruption occuring due to a system's disk going away. But I guess I'm asking would this setup increase the chance of data being lost. - Does this work after system reboot correctly (i.e. does network and iSCSI start before LVM normally?)
- Is there a large performance hit?
- Is this setup just not recommended?
- If I wanted the VG to be visible to multiple Xen nodes, is it just a matter of running CLVM on each Xen node?

Any help or tips would be appreciated


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