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[linux-lvm] Association between snapshot and origin volume

Hello everybody,

I'm working on a project of 'reverting to a snapshot' feature in ext4 filesystem. (ext4dev_restore tool)

For that purpose, I'm making use of LVM. I have exported ext4 snapshot to lvm persistent snapshot store format. Now somehow, I need to associate it with the origin volume. So that lvm can merge it into the origin volume (lvconvert --merge).

So the ext4dev_restore tool can be used like this:

1) Take snapshot using snapshot take command in ext4 file system.
2) Export the created ext4 snapshot to lvm persistant snapshot format.
# ext4dev_restore <snapshot_file> lvmexport
3) Associate the exported snapshot as the snapshot of origin volume.
4) #lvconvert --merge <exported_snapshot>

Can you help me to find out a way to make above mentioned association (in step 3) ?


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