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Re: [linux-lvm] Proper way to delete an active snapshot?

On Tue, 30 Aug 2011, Linda A. Walsh wrote:

If you have a snapshot of a volume running... how are you supposed to delete

i.e. after you unmount it... if I just do a lvremove, I get a warning about it being
an active volume -- so I tried doing a dmsetup remove on it first -- and that
stops the warning -- but I just noticed, I had a bunch of inactive 'cow'
volume names under 'dmsetup ls', that referred to the old snapshot names.

so I'm guessing that using dmsetup to remove the dev first, then lvremove is
NOT the best way to be doing this...(as it results in stuff that needs to be cleaned up...)... So how do I remove the volume w/o getting warnings about it being 'active'?

I agree that the warning is broken (when LV is not otherwise mounted or open).

I use

  /usr/sbin/lvremove  -f "$snappath"

in scripts, which suppresses the warning without leaving a mess.  I'm not
sure what happens if the LV is actually open in that case.  Hopefully
you get an error.

I am on Centos-5.6

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