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Re: [linux-lvm] Snapshots and disk re-use

A file when removed from linux OS does not remove the data it just unlink the inode associated with the file which makes data unaccessible. If the disk is /dev/zeroed I don't think it will reappear.


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Hi Everyone,

We host many Xen VMs for customers. We use LVM as the fisk storage for these VMs. When a customer cancels, we generally dd their LV with /dev/zero, before removing the LV.

If however we want to create a snapshot of a customer's LV, is there the chance that the data may appear on a new future LV if we were to create one (for a new customer)? Is is my understanding that most filesystems don't actually remove data from a disk when deleting a file, but just set an "ignore" tag of some sort...


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