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Re: [linux-lvm] if clvm based on rhcs?

1.my storage base on fc-san.
i have to use a dfs with cluster-sense,i am testing gfs2.
in order to resize storage space, i want to use clvm + gfs2.
i want to know if it is required to install redhat cluser,cluster-storage ? and create a cluster?
2.my kernel 2.6.32, fc12, cman-3.0.17
i find no cman.ko,if it do not need cman.ko anymore?

At 2011-02-25 11:39:18,"Alberto Rivera" <pollochicken gmail com> wrote:

2011/2/24 yue <ooolinux 163 com>
i use san ,  clvm based on san.
if i have to install rhcs ,if i want to use clvm?


Can you be a bit more specific with your request ?   Are asking how to you use clvm in RHCS ?    Whether you are using san, or any other method of external storage, you require to have the lvm2-cluster rpms in order to be able to use clvm with RHCS.

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