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[linux-lvm] clvmd and corosync

Hi all

I've set up clvmd and corosync. It's working fine when all the nodes are
in the cluster. But, when I cleanly reboot/poweroff one of the nodes,
locking of clustered volume group isn't working well.

I've 'greped' trough archives and found out that I'm not alone. Whole
problem is nicely explained at:


Basically, vgscan returns 'cluster request failed: Host is down'. I've
reverted the commit Xinwei mentions and everything is working fine now.

Still, I'm not sure that's the right approach. I'm using 2.02.54
version, but I've also tried latest versions. Unfortunately with the
same results. clvmd/lvm is compiled with --with-clvmd=all. CKPT service
is enabled in corosync.

Could someone give me an input on what's going on here and where should
I look to fix this?

Thank you

Ante Karamatic <ivoks ubuntu com>

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