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[linux-lvm] pvscan is not recognizing physical volumes

We have a system that pvscan is not recognizing the physical volumes which is preventing it from cleanly booting. The linux kernel images are on the lvm partitions. The partitions correctly show as LVM partitions when doing an fdisk -l, but the pvscan says "No matching physical volume found".

I was suggested to try doing a vgscan -vvvv and the only thing that looked odd was a message saying "No label detected" prior to closing the disk.

Some of the steps I have gone through and documentation of this issue can be found on the serverfault question I opened yesterday. You can see that here: http://serverfault.com/questions/275679/rescue-disk-is-unable-to-see-the-lvm-physical-volumes


Anthony Nelson
Affinity Global Solutions
701.223.3565 Ext: 13

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