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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM label lost / system does not boot

Don't think I'm much of an expert in this area, but I had a similar issue that I worked through last week. I wasn't using mdadm, but I don't really think this is a situation that is really relevant to that.

I posted the question on serverfault and got enough help to get me through it. You can see it here:

The suggestion that got me on the right track seems to be very similar to your situation. How to recover your lvm configuration with mdadm.

The steps I went through were basically:
* Recover config using dd per steps in that article
* Recreate the physical volume using the same device
* Do a pvcfgrestore on the recovered config from step 1

That got me back up and running. I hope it helps.
Anthony Nelson
Affinity Global Solutions
701.223.3565 Ext: 13

On 6/5/2011 7:47 AM, Andreas Schild wrote:
The first part might sound like I am in the wrong group, but bear with me...
(I probably am, but I googled up and down RAID and LVM lists and I am still  stuck):
I have a software RAID 5 with 4 disks and LVM on top. I had one volume group with two logical volumes (for root and data).
I wanted to upgrade capacity and started by failing a drive, replacing it with a bigger one and let the RAID resync. Worked fine for the first disk. The second disk apparently worked (resynced, all looked good), but after a reboot the system hung.
After some back and forth with superblocks (on the devices, never on the array) I was able to re-assemble the array clean.
The system still does not reboot though: "Volume group "cmain" not found".

I booted a live cd, assembled the array and did a pvck on the array (/dev/md0):
"Could not find LVM label on /dev/md0"
pvdisplay /dev/md0 results in:
  No physical volume label read from /dev/md0
  Failed to read physical volume "/dev/md0"

I do not have a backup of my /etc/ and therefore no details regarding the configuration of the LVM setup (yes, I know...)
All I have of the broken system is the /boot partition with its content

Several questions arise:
- Is it possible to "reconstitute" the LVM with what I have?
- Is the RAID array really ok, or is it possibly corrupt to begin with (and the reason no LVM labels are around)?
- Should I try to reconstruct with pvcreate/vgcreate? (I shied away from any *create commands to not make things worse.)
- If all is lost, what did I do wrong and what would I need to backup for a next time?

Any ideas on how I could get the data back would greatly be appreciated. I am in way over my head, so if somebody knowledgeable tells me: "you lost, move on" would be bad, but at least would save me some time...


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