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Re: [linux-lvm] Installation fails if VG is exported

"Stuart D. Gathman" <stuart bmsi com> wrote:
On Tue, 7 Jun 2011, Stuart D. Gathman wrote:

>>> Exporting the VG is *supposed* to prevent activation.  You can reverse 
>>> this with vgimport.  Why did you wish to prevent activation?  Normally,
>>> vgexport is used prior to physically removing a VG from the system.  (And
>>> then vgimport after attaching the drives to the new system.)
>> Well, I just want to keep my data intact while i'm playing with the
>> installation. I understand that @ this point it's just easier to pull
>> the power on the HDs with the VG in question. But i'm curious why this
>> is a problem...
> It isn't a problem, unless you expect the VG to be available at boot time,
> which apparently you do.  Do you have a root FS on the VG?

I get it - you wanted to prevent your OS experimentation from activating and possibly writing over your VG.  I can understand why vgexport seemed like a solution, but it only prevents activation and removes references from local LVM configuration (and prevents booting when that depends on the VG as you discovered).

It doesn't prevent a rogue/buggy OS from scribbling on the disks.  So, physically disconnecting (or powering off) the disks is the best way to prevent that.

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After stressing out about he insraller messing out with my "precious" :) data, the installation went remarkably well. I still think that it should not terminate because of exported volumes thou.
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