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[linux-lvm] removing a disk prematurely

Hi all,

I have been looking everywhere for a good answer to this issue, with no
success (including searching this list's archives); I hope that coming
directly to the source will help.

I made a mistake in removing physical media from a hot-swap drive bay
before telling LVM I was going to remove it.  I don't actually care
about the data on those disks at all--it was an old test volume that I
hadn't even had mounted for over a year.  But now, when I do any lvm
commands, I get an error like so:

# pvdisplay 
  /dev/testVG/testLV: read failed after 0 of 4096 at 0: Input/output error

and an error like this in the logs:

scsi 1:0:2:0: rejecting I/O to dead device

What would be the cleanest, most official way to clear this error?  I
have read a lot about vgreduce --removemissing, which seems like it
should work, but I am (perhaps overly) paranoid about messing up other
existing and currently working LVM volumes.

If you need any other information, please let me know, either on or off
list.  Thanks!


kkeller wombat san-francisco ca us

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