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Re: [linux-lvm] if clvm based on rhcs?

For gfs2 to be used it is good to use with the cluster but not necessarily check the release notes but if clvmd is used then cluster is necessary .


Cman is no more a kernel module but cman is the primary service which must be running to set up the cluster.




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1.my storage base on fc-san.

i have to use a dfs with cluster-sense,i am testing gfs2.

in order to resize storage space, i want to use clvm + gfs2.

i want to know if it is required to install redhat cluser,cluster-storage ? and create a cluster?


2.my kernel 2.6.32, fc12, cman-3.0.17

i find no cman.ko,if it do not need cman.ko anymore?



At 2011-02-25 11:39:18"Alberto Rivera" <pollochicken gmail com> wrote:


2011/2/24 yue <ooolinux 163 com>

i use san ,  clvm based on san.

if i have to install rhcs ,if i want to use clvm?





Can you be a bit more specific with your request ?   Are asking how to you use clvm in RHCS ?    Whether you are using san, or any other method of external storage, you require to have the lvm2-cluster rpms in order to be able to use clvm with RHCS.


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