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Re: [linux-lvm] Resizing underlying LVM partition after cloning to bigger disk

On Thu, 3 Mar 2011, Scott Arthur wrote:

> Partition Table: msdos
> Number  Start   End     Size    Type      File system  Flags
>  1      32.3kB  296MB   296MB   primary   ext4         boot
>  2      296MB   1000GB  1000GB  extended
>  5      296MB   1000GB  1000GB  logical                lvm
> I'm obviously wanting to expand the LVM partition to fill the remaining 1TB
> of space.
> Am I able to simply use parted to resize the partition before doing a
> pvresize etc?
> Or is it risky to resize the underlying LVM partition?

You are getting to a size where msdos partition tables are risky.
Don't they crap out at 2TB?

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