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Re: [linux-lvm] creating pv's on LVM's for virtual guests

Hi Steve,

I've had mixed results doing that very thing. Two servers perform very differently.
One mach, an HP DL380G6 w/ dual quad core Zeon and 6 146G disks installed with CentOS 5.5 stock xen, lvm, etc. performs very well. Another machine intended as a low class server, a desktop quad core AMD, 4 SATA disks installed with stock CentOS 5.5 same as first mach, has issues with disk perfomance on every DomU - writes are 1/10 the rate of Dom0 -- I'm still troubleshooting it. I see no problem with using LVM on Dom0, carving it up and offering to DomU virtuals and the virtuals using LVM for storage. One thing to avoid: do not duplicate an LVM names within the entire machine. i.e. installer, when told to use LVM, will create a vg of a specific name. If this name is not overridden, and you create multiple DomUs with same process the VG name will be duplicated (as well as the LV names). Avoid name duplication.
I hope this helps.


Steve Shorter wrote:

	I am setting up virtual guests to have a LVM created
from the host. It would be good to use LVM's in the
guest also.. for easy volume expansion etc...

ie. I am creating pv's/vg's/lvms on top of LVM's. It *seems* to
work but some of the userland tools need the option -ff

	Does anybody see any issues doing this?

	thanx - steve

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