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[linux-lvm] LVM Logical Volumes on a LUN visible by 2 Linux servers over a SAN

Linux LVM mailing list,

Just a quick question regarding LVM and clustered systems:

I have two RHEL6 servers that can see the same LUN via a SAN, but only one will mount the LV (with an ext4 filesystem) at a time.

The situation is one that allows a manual failover (by mounting the filesystem on the second server) if the first server fails.

Are there any LVM-related processes (ongoing or at bootup/shutdown) that could run on server2 that could affect the PV/VG and/or LV that is mounted and in use on server1?

Again I am fully aware of the dangers of concurrently mounting filesystems in two places, but not sure if the mere visibility of the LVM-related metadata to both servers concurrently poses any risk.

I am not using clvm, just the standard lvm.

Thanks for any advice on this.



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