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Re: [linux-lvm] Got Error 5 while doing vgimportclone without exporting the VG



We have a EMC Storage side mirroring and normally to refresh the copy, we do vgexport, establish, split, then vgimportclone.  


We are facing some issue when refreshing the copy then doing vgimportclone without doing vgexport first.  


I checked the script vgimportclone, I’m wondering if I can move the line 230-231 to line 274 after the temporary LVM_SYSTEM_DIR is exported?

Will this probably fix the issue?



I have;






Sample screenshots:

+ vgimportclone -n VG_NAME -i /dev/mapper/disk1 /dev/mapper/disk2 /dev/mapper/disk3 /dev/mapper/disk4

Fatal: Current VG names could not be collected without errors, error: 5



In HPUX this is fine..refreshing without vgexport is fine… Any idea?




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