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[linux-lvm] How to stop MERGE? (was Re: more vg problems or oddities...not using dmsetup remove seems to be bad?)

Stuart D. Gathman wrote:

In the OP problem, we don't know the exact error message, so perhaps
the snapshot really was open.  In any case, she needs to stop the
merge from happening the next time the LV is activated.
I've only seen 1 error message ..

Ah....here are the two messages...this ****IS NOT*** a snapshot volume...
it's a static volume!

Here's lvs.  I'm going to remove the oldest static 'snap' (not an active
snapshot, but a copy of one that existed back then.  It's currently
mounted, .. (lv Home-2011.07.20-13.43.15; you'll never guess when the
snapshot was started or what the base LV was.. ;-) )...
It's currently mounted, and no 's' in status... (i.e. not an active snapshot).

NOTE, poor 'Home' has 'O' status -- thinks it is MERGing, but nothing
for it to MERGE with! -- this is a problem waiting to happen that I need

# lvs
LV VG Attr LSize Backups Backups -wi-ao 10.91t
 Home                     Home+Space Owi-ao   1.00t
 Home-2011.07.20-13.43.15 Home+Space -wi-ao 171.00g    <-about to remove
 Home-2011.07.25-16.24.53 Home+Space -wi-ao   1.88g
.... Home-2011.08.31-07.34.53 Home+Space -wi-ao 1.86g
 Home-2011.09.04-19.25.08 Home+Space swi-ao   1.00t Home     1.25
 Home.diff                Home+Space -wi-ao 512.00g

# lvremove /dev/Home+Space/Home-2011.07.20-13.43.15 # first w/o umounting it...
Can't remove open logical volume "Home-2011.07.20-13.43.15"
ok... so lets. unmount it...
# umount /home/snapdir/@GMT-2011.07.20-13.43.15
# lvremove /dev/Home+Space/Home-2011.07.20-13.43.15
Do you really want to remove active logical volume Home-2011.07.20-13.43.15? [y/n]: y
 Logical volume "Home-2011.07.20-13.43.15" successfully removed

This isn't helpful...as it's not *really* active in any way to the OS...
though it might still be 'activated'...(that's why I'm trying to
remove it...!)...

It was created w/lvcreate, so ... opposite of lvcreate would be
lvremove, no?...  there is no 'lvucreate'.. ;-/

FWIW...Home is even more confused...

Thought it was going to merge with a volume from 2011.09.03-xxxx, but
dmsetup remove on /dev/Home+Space/Home-2011.09.03-xxxx suceeded w/o force
as well as:

So now, /Home... what's it going to merge w/?  (Garbage likely...)...

That's what I love about the M5 computer, er, LVM2 Merge option:
"No off switch"...

(last crewman who tried to pull the plug got zapped...didn't know lvm
was so dangerous!...;-) ).

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