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Re: [linux-lvm] RHEL: special ownership for lv devices?

Am 14.09.2011 19:15, schrieb Carlos Eduardo Tavares Terra:
> Klaus,
> Have you tried to use the package oracleasm?
> This package installs some binaries to manipulate ASM Disks, creating
> new devices (based on the originals /dev/sd*), into /dev/oracleasm/ and
> changing the owner of the devices.
> Oracle Database does not use raw devices in RHEL anymore, by default.
> They recommend installing this package and administrate everything by it.
> http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/linux/asmlib/index-101839.html
> I hope this helps.


actually, oracleasm is the reason I'm asking. Oracle recommends against
using lvs, but in our domain we need to sort disks, so we want to use
different vgs to avoid human error. Checking the shell scripts from
oracle, it is clear why they don't like lvs. Not because probable
performance problems from an additional layer of complexity, but because
they use /proc/partitions to scan for disks. And vg-devices just don't
show up there...
There are versions, though, that honor their ASM_SCANORDER flag and
check the vg-Directory (SCANORDER="/mapper/vg_asm*/"), but different
versions seem to not to do this.
I created a start script that mknods /dev/dm-X from
/dev/mapper/vg_asm--* devices, but I consider this a kludge...

Thanks anyway,

 Klaus Lichtenwalder, Dipl. Inform.,  http://www.lichtenwalder.name
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