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Re: [linux-lvm] Hide volume group during startup

On 04/11/2012 11:04 AM, Erik Schwalbe wrote:
> The iscsiinitiator created a new volume group (kvm_disk0) on the
> blockdevice and new virtual disks (vm-203-disk-1).
> Our problem is, that the iscsitarget host found not only the VG "data"
> during system startup but also the other VG (kvm_disk0) and activate it.
> So DRBD can't get exclusive access to the LV kvm_disk0.
> We try to filter in lvm.conf, but after startup, the VG kvm_disk0 is
> allways activated.

Please post the filter you are using as well as the full path name of
the disk you are attempting to filter (a complete recursive listing of
/dev as generated by lvmdump or run by hand would be useful. You can use
a service like pastebin for this - please don't send large attachments
to the list).

There are other ways to control activation if for some reason filtering
will not work (e.g. the device name is not stable).


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