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Re: [linux-lvm] Pvmove while volume_ list is enabled freeze whole lvm

Dne 13.12.2012 09:23, Gianluca Cecchi napsal(a):
I have rhel 5.8 wit lvm tags enabled (volume_ list).
In volume_ list I have
Tag, so the main vg is active with its lv.
But then I issue pvmove command that fails because it cannot activate the
temporary mirror...But now on, all commands related to lvm, also for other vg,
completely freeze..Any way to unblock?I tried removing the volume_list
directive in lvm.conf, but no way...I would like to avoid doing power off if

Usual way if something goes wrong:

Check if there is a device in 'suspend' state -
(i.e.   dmsetup info -c     and check for 's' flag in Stat column)
Resume all suspend devices -    dmsetup resume vgname-lvname &
You could easily remove those which have zero open count  - dmsetup remove
Eventually if you are brave enough, you could try 'dmsetup remove_all'.

Now you should be able to activate your LVs again.

Obviously 5.8 is somewhat older and there are some old bugs likely already fixed in newer releases - thus you may have far less problems with newer RHEL?
(or use support for reproducible bugs?)


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