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Re: [linux-lvm] clvmd on cman waits forever holding the P_#global lock on node re-join

On 14/12/12 07:10, Jacek Konieczny wrote:
On Thu, Dec 13, 2012 at 11:04:40AM +0100, Zdenek Kabelac wrote:
Hmmm this rather looks like a logical problem either in
the if() expression in (select_status == 0) branch,
No fix in the (select_status == 0) branch would solve anything, as the
branch is never executed. This is the major problem here.

Select has timeout set to 60 seconds, a few fd events come each minute
-> the select never times out, select_status is always != 0.

Shortening the cmd_timeout setting would work, but that would be only a
workaround and would work until the fd events come even more often.
Applying my patch would solve the problem with timeout code not being run as well. And regardless of whether the underlying issue is fixed or not the timeout handling must be fixed too because we can't totally avoid timeouts (that's why the code is there).

Dmitry Panov

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