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[linux-lvm] Resizing a logical volume which is mounted (at /home)

To start off, here's an overview of my configuration. I'm dual-booting Windows XP and Fedora Core 16. When I installed FC 16, here's how I created the partitions:

1) Volume Group (vg_me) - ~73 GB

Out of this, the following are the logical volumes:
a) lvhome (mount point - /home) - ~48GB
b) lvroot (mount point - /) ~10GB
c) lvvar (mount point - /var) ~15GB

So, there's no free space left on the volume group.

Now, I feel the 48GB is not really necessary for the /home. I want to redistribute the space among the 3 logical volumes within this VG, or create a new one (/tech).  In either case, I want to take the additional space (around 20GB) from lvhome and give it to either / or to /tech.

Now, I tried the GUI (system-config-lvm) tool to do this. I can click on lvhome and try to resize it. However, the problem is that since I am logged in as a non-root user, the /home is mounted. Resizing requires one to unmount it, but the unmount operation fails since I am mounted.

How do I work around this?

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