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[linux-lvm] LVM roadmap info

Hi there,

Not sure is this is the right mailing list (maybe the DM mailinglist is better for this), but here goes:

I want to know if there is some roadmap info somewhere on LVM / DM. I see new features like thin provisioning and a new snapshot mechanism popping up. Wonderful stuff and it makes me wonder what else is in the pipeline? I especially wonder what is the status on the following functionalities:

1. Replication. There is DRBD and ELVM, but there are some references on the Net on Device Mapper Remote Replication Target from Heinz Mauelshagen, with cool features like fan-out and cascading replication.
2. Block level deduplication (inline and/or post process)
3. HSM functionality, of auto tiering between devices
4. Caching (where ie a SSD or RAMFS device can work as a black level cache for ie a SATA device)

Is it planned to have thee kind of features LVM / DM or is this passed on to the filesystem level (hope not)?


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