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Re: [linux-lvm] some principal questions about cLVM


with clvm you can have the same VG shared/activated on several nodes.
You'll then choose where you want the LVs activated in your cluster config.
You can activate some of the LVs on 1 node, and the other LVs on another node.


2012/6/5 Lentes, Bernd <bernd lentes helmholtz-muenchen de>

i'm new to cLVM. I used "normal" LVM several times, and i like it.
I want to establish a two node cluster. As resources i have VM's (using KVM). Furthermore i will have a FC SAN.
I'd like to build PV, then VG and finally LV's on top of the SAN. Every VM will reside in one LV.
Is that ok ?
My question is now: When i create virtual disks in my SAN, do i have to create a Virtual Disk (or LUN) on my SAN, then PV, VG and finally LV for every VM ?
Or can i create ONE Virtual Disk (LUN) in my SAN, on top of that create ONE PV and ONE VG and finally for every VM one LV ? This would be easier.

I'd like to have the VM's distributed between the two nodes, as a kind of Load-Balancing.
Is it possible that the VG is running on both nodes simultaneously, having some LV's (and thereby some VM's) running on node 1 and others on node 2 ?

Thanks for any answer.


Bernd Lentes

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