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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM2 recovery on IP-SAN after OS re-install

On 28/05/12 19:40, tariq wali wrote:
 We had an OS crash on x86_64 CentOS , LVM2 and it had 6TB LUN  via  IP SCSI SAN mounted to it and after the OS reinstall on a crash we had hard time to mount the original SAN volume as you can imagine 6TB of marketing data with 3 LVM partitions as data data1 and data2 . After troubleshooting almost for a day I was able to get the LVM metadata using dd from the SAN LUN /dev/sdd1 which I used to recreate and restore all LVM partitions back to original state , we sure became the raving fans of LVM today ! however after all the recovery I see this annoying warning each time I execute any of the lvm commands ..

  Found duplicate PV XtGmeFOiCTWpLBckKZKlGtYKPVdBgVJn: using /dev/sdd1 not /dev/sdc1
  LV    VG   Attr   LSize Origin Snap%  Move Log Copy%  Convert
  data  vg0  -wi-ao 2.00T                                      
  data1 vg0  -wi-ao 2.00T                                      
  data2 vg0  -wi-ao 1.44T                                      

1) The the same lun presented to the computer more than once? If this is a deliberate thing for redundancy then your need to setup multipath to take advantage use the devices in /dev/mapper of this and mask off the raw /dev/sd? devices in your /etc/lvm/lvm.conf

2) Did you copy all the data from one disk to another? if so is the old disk still available to the system?

3) Check you lun masking.


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