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Re: [linux-lvm] How to handle Bad Block relocation with LVM?

Dne 28.11.2012 14:27, Brian Murrell napsal(a):
Joe Thornber <joe <at> fib011235813.fsnet.co.uk> writes:


We would like to automate the process that you have described in LVM2
at some point.  So if you get an error on an LV and new PE will be
allocated, as much data as possible copied from the bad PE to the new
PE, and then remap the LV so that it's using the new PE (very much
like a small pvmove).

The EVMS team are writing a bad block relocator target for device
mapper, but I don't feel it's neccessary to add yet another device
layer to the LVs.  If I have a bad block I don't mind loosing a whole
PE (people may not agree with me on this ?)

To resurrect a really, really, old thread, did anything ever get done in LVM2
to either automatically or manually map out PEs with bad blocks in them?

Does anyone have a recipe for doing this -- to save me the time of figuring it
all out for myself?

Sorry, no automated tool.

You could possibly pvmove separated PEs manually with set of pvmove commands.
But I'd strongly recommend to get rid of such broken driver quickly then you loose any more data - IMHO it's the most efficient solution cost & time.


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