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Re: [linux-lvm] how to recover after thin pool metadata did fill up?

Dne 18.10.2012 15:28, Spelic napsal(a):
On 10/18/12 12:30, Zdenek Kabelac wrote:
Dne 17.10.2012 22:21, Andres Toomsalu napsal(a):

I'm aware that thin provisioning is not yet production ready (no metadata
resize) - but is there a way to recover from thin pool failure when pool
metadata was filled up?

Unfortunately there is no 'easy' advice for now yet - you hit current
Achilles heel of thinp support in lvm2 - we are thinking how to make
recovery usable for user - but it's not easy task since many things are
making it very complex - so it still needs some month of work.

So, supposing one is aware of this problem beforehand, at pool creation
can this problem be worked around by using --poolmetadatasize  to make a
metadata volume much larger than the default?

And if yes, do you have any advice on the metadata size we should use?

It really depends on the pool size and use-cases.

The max size is ~16GB for metadata.
The reasonable max size is probably within 4GB if you want to stay safe in the most possible conditions.

With 3.7 kernel and the next release of lvm2 (2.02.99) it's expected full support for live size extension of metadata device.


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