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Re: [linux-lvm] Advanced LVM Features

Hi Mark,

Am 02.09.2012 23:04, schrieb Mark Woodward:
> A while back I was asking about how to create snapshots of snapshots
> and other advanced LVM features that are seemingly not part of LVM2.

I didnt find any email from you on the list. This is your first one.

> Is there a resource site that covers changes and advancements in LVM
> beyond 2006? The site: http://wiki.tldp.org/LVM-HOWTO only has up
> until 2006.

You're right, the howto is really outdated, the developers know about
this issue.

The most important new features are about the thinpools, which include
snap of snaps. There you find the best information in the new manpages.
You should take at least 2.02.97 or git. You have to enable
thinpool-features explicitly with ./configure --with-thin=internal! Dont
forget to install the thin-provisioning-tools, too!  I dont know why
these arent part of the LVM2-sources, but you will need them.

Feel free to ask, but at the best explizit on your concrete problems.
Additionally you can ask on IRC on freenode at the #lvm channel


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