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[linux-lvm] lvm snapshot corruption

I've gotten myself into a mess I think.  What happened is:

my internet hung.  I ended up rebooting the machine I use for gateways etc.

The init failed.  It looks like it failed where it tries to mount the root.  I booted a recovery disk at this point.

Quite awhile back I was upgrading from Ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04, I was doing it by taking a snapshot, doing the upgrade, testing it, merging, doing the next upgrade, etc.  It appears that I forgot to do the final merge, so I was running off of a snapshot.

I believe that the snapshot filled.  And now it's no longer mounting.

Here's where I made my mistake, I probably should have removed the snapshot at this point.  Instead I tried to merge it.  Now I seem to be stuck, the merge is not happening, I can't rename the snapshot, I can't delete it, I can't take another snapshot of the original disk.

Where I want to be, ideally I would like to see the the original snapshot merged into the origin.  Barring that I'd like to get rid of the snapshot and go back to the original disk.  I do take daily backups, so I should be able to recover if I can get the system sane.

So, what do I do at this point?

Thanks muchly

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