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Re: [linux-lvm] fdisk can't recognize partition tables

On 04/18/2013 01:39 PM, Amandeep Kapila wrote:

            I have a little lvm related issue with Debian Squeeze
installation. I install debian squeeze with lvm partitioning. The
installation completes and every thing is working fine for last many days.
But I notice a message when I use the fdisk tool to list my partitions. The
message is,

             Disk /dev/dm-4 doesn't contain a valid partition table

            Why I am getting this and what can be the implications? Can
fdisk read the lvm partition tables or it can't and just giving this
message? Any workaround? Again I assert everything is working great.

/dev/dm-4 is the LVM logical volume. Partitions are one floor lower.
NOTE: you should not use /dev/dm-*! Use /dev/VG/LV instead or by UUID.

See output of `pvs` to see partition(s) behind the LVM.

Then drop last number - that's the disk containing partitions.

Or give `lsblk` a try.

-- Marian

            Thanks in advance....


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