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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM extend and shrink at Run time supported file systems

Dne 8.8.2013 23:35, selva napsal(a):
Hi All,

I extended the Linear LVM without Unmounting the Logical Volume. But Most of
the docs suggest to unmount the LVM in shrink process.

I believe not MOST but EVERY docs suggest this ;)

1. Is it possible to shrink the LVM at Runtime (with out Unmount). If yes,
What is correct way to do it.

You can shrink any lvm2 device online - as long as you don't care about data on this volume - but somehow I don't think it's matching your case...
In typical case you want to shrink filesystem first.
lvreduce support option '-r'  but for obvious reasons requires umount....

Also I found in some places that only few file system supports Runtime Extend
and Shrink of LVM.

2. What are file systems supports LVM extend and shrink without Unmount

Well - btrfs is known to be capable of online shrink - but in that case you don't need lvm2 ;)

None of the filesystems like 'extX', 'xfs', 'reiserfs' could be reduced online.


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