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[linux-lvm] lvremove is not deleting the file system

I'm using xen-create-image in an attempt to set up a new VM; host OS is Ubuntu Server 13.10, and I'm using LVM. I failed in my first attempt due to my inexperience, so I changed some input parameters and I'm trying again. The first attempt had successfully created the target LVM volumes for boot, root and swap, so I used lvremove to delete them. All that went without error.

However, now when I try to run xen-create-image, I get the following error at the beginning when xen-create-image tries to create the target volumes:

Creating btrfs filesystem on /dev/dell-vg/oraclelinux-root
/dev/dell-vg/oraclelinux-root appears to contain an existing filesystem (btrfs).
Error: Use the -f option to force overwrite.
Running command 'mkfs.btrfs /dev/dell-vg/oraclelinux-root 2>&1' failed with exit code 256.

I've tried searching for this error but can't find anything helpful. I've rerun this a dozen times and get the same result each time (deleting the created volumes and rebooting between each attempt.) I looked in the /dev tree, and I see the dm node (dm-4) disappears after I run lvremove. But apparently, lvremove doesn't delete the filesystem. So when I recreate the same volume in the same order, the filesystem is still there from the previous attempt.

How do I fix this?  Thanks.

Guy Rouillier

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