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[linux-lvm] Removing a (potentially unused?) PV from a VG

Hi all,

So, I have the following setup:

- Ubuntu 12,04
- 1 6TB physical volume (the one with data) [ext4]
- 1 13TB PV (no data... I think?) [ext4]

Here is the story...

- I created an ext4 on the 13TB PV, added the 13TB to the VG to make a
13TB volume group.
- Everything went fine and then I ran:


resize2fs /dev/volgroup/volume

And to my surprise.. I couldn't resize past 16TB ! (crap! should have
checked this first!).

So, nothing happened.. Now what I want to do is remove the 13TB PV
from the VG and do something else with it... but I get the following


sudo vgreduce -t home_volume_group /dev/sdc1
  Test mode: Metadata will NOT be updated.
  Physical volume "/dev/sdc1" still in use

I don't remember the message, but I was going to try to use pvmove to
move stuff off of /dev/sdc1 and it failed stating something like "No
available extents"... which I don't even expect to have anything
written to that disk since nothing was written after the install.

How can I safely remove this PV from the VG?

Thanks a bunch!


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