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Re: [linux-lvm] Removing a (potentially unused?) PV from a VG

On 02/08/2013 09:18 PM, Harold Pimentel wrote:
Hi all,

So, I have the following setup:

- Ubuntu 12,04
- 1 6TB physical volume (the one with data) [ext4]
- 1 13TB PV (no data... I think?) [ext4]

Here is the story...

- I created an ext4 on the 13TB PV, added the 13TB to the VG to make a
13TB volume group.

Moment. Why creating ext4 on the PV first?
You added PV to VG first, I guess.

- Everything went fine and then I ran:


resize2fs /dev/volgroup/volume

And to my surprise.. I couldn't resize past 16TB ! (crap! should have
checked this first!).

OK, so did it resize to 16TB, right? So now you have 16TB FS over two PVs: 6TB + 10TB. You need to downsize the FS first.

Also, when resizing LVs, it is safer to use fsadm, to avoid common problem where people shrink LV before FS.

So, nothing happened.. Now what I want to do is remove the 13TB PV
from the VG and do something else with it... but I get the following


sudo vgreduce -t home_volume_group /dev/sdc1
   Test mode: Metadata will NOT be updated.
   Physical volume "/dev/sdc1" still in use

I don't remember the message, but I was going to try to use pvmove to
move stuff off of /dev/sdc1 and it failed stating something like "No
available extents"... which I don't even expect to have anything
written to that disk since nothing was written after the install.

If above still fails, try `pvmove --alloc anywhere /dev/sdc1`. It may help.

-- Marian

How can I safely remove this PV from the VG?

Thanks a bunch!


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