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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM resize broken file system....

Dne 27.1.2013 07:51, Another Sillyname napsal(a):
I had a 487G LVM that contained a single partition and a swap partition.

On the data partition I had 86G free that I needed to use elsewhere.

All the following have been done from a recovery disk so the data is all still

When I tried to resize to 400G it wouldn't  let me stating below mjnimum size...

sudo resize2fs -p /dev/pathto/lvmdevice 400G

However mounting it df -h reports

Unsure from where did you get that 'df -h' reports something sensible about total number of blocks in the filesystem ?

IMHO there is nothing in common - it reports just 'usable' space - but
there is no info about filesystem metadata space being used.
(And in fact it's somewhat 'made-up' number)

So using  'df' for anything related to filesystem resize is not going to work.

Even though I resized to 105000000 blocks I now see that df -h reported the
size as 103352144 before I did the  lvresize (I didn't notice at the time)

So I think the discrepancy between the  block count size reported by df at
103352144 and tune2fs at 105000000 is the error.

How can I change the block count number reported by tune2fs from 105000000 to
103352144 that will then allow me to run e2fsck again?

I'd strongly advice to use: 'lvresize -r' which should try to do its best to fit the filesystem properly in the give size.


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