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Re: [linux-lvm] Resising underlying array

Le 03/07/2013 20:54, matthew patton a écrit :

200 MB for /boot was sensible years ago but now is a joke.
since when? All you need is 2 kernels. Have Linux 3.x kernels gotten out of hand? I only use RHEL/Centos5 and 6 and I've never even come close to running out.

reduce the PV size without harm. But I'm unable to decide on a workflow and
loosing data or downtime are not acceptable options...
then don't bother.

So I'm begging your help on a suitable workflow to make this happen.

A. tell the customer "too bad" buy newer/bigger hard drives already and build new layout on new disks and DD/RSYNC data to new layout

Or if you like to play with fire:
* reduce filesystem size
* lvresize down to match
* resize MD member device (eg. http://webapp5.rrz.uni-hamburg.de/SuSe-Dokumentation/manual/sles-manuals_en/manual/raidresize.html)
* create partition out of newly available slack space (use kpartx and you should avoid a reboot)
* pvcreate on new partition, add to VG and grow LV into new space
* resize filesystem

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Hello Matthew,
Actually my volume group has a big lot of free PE. (the 320 Gb disk are only used for the OS and a couple of administrative accounts for the server, so even the /home is small.... ) So I think I could avoid the resizing of the file systems.... All data is stored elsewhere. This is why I thought I could do it online without too much risk. Of course I will not do this on Friday ;-)

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