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Re: [linux-lvm] Is cLVM necessary when accessing different logical volumes on a shared iSCSI target?

Hi Matthew,
thanks again for your comments. The idea to use tags is very interesting. I will have a deeper look at it. However, I still do not understand if filtering (either hard-coded or using tags) is *necessary* to make things working or if it is just *adviseable* to prevent using a volume simultaneously from both clients? When I tried to set up the scenario as described, I encountered another problem which might be related to the sharing stuff: When I virtually disconnect the physical volume (by disconnecting from the iSCSI server) and reconnect again, I get i/o errors when I try to access a logical volume. I have tried pvscan, vgscan and lvscan, but nothing helps. Interestingly, the volume group and all logical values are found by vgscan / lvscan, but I cannot access it. Is this the expected behavior? Is there any chance (besides rebooting the client machine) to recover from such a situation?


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